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Ice cream Buontalenti o Cream florentine

We can say that the ice cream was invented in Florence? NI or SO. We can say that they are two Florentines who made him famous before the sorbet and then perfected the recipe for ice cream as we know it today. Two Florentine, Ruggeri and Buontalenti.

First things first.

Many cultures and populations have matched the ice and snow with fruit or fruit juice. Combined with each other to make a tasty and fresh drink. Even there were reports of Chinese attempts 500 years AC until the Arab people who came to perfect the first sherbet (from the Arabic word sherbet). In Italy the Sicilians who were in close contact with the Arab world introduced the sorbet which also arrived in Florence.

But Florence was to blow up the “fashion” of sorbet and this was thanks to Ruggeri. Ruggeri was a seller chicken, with a passion for cooking. The Court of Medici organized a contest whose theme was “the most amazing food ever seen” and Ruggeri decided to participate in bringing the sorbet as a singular dish calling it “frozen dessert.” Ruggeri had been so good at and prepare the cake was so little known that the success was striking. Ruggeri became famous and much sought everywhere to prepare sorbet with his secret recipe.

When Catherine de’ Medici left Florence to become the bride of the future King of France, in addition to the chefs (many recipes that have taught French) if wanted with Ruggeri. Thus it was that Ruggeri, during the wedding feast, made known to the French his famous sorbet. Since that time, 1533, the sorbet became known in France and Ruggeri attracted many envy until it decide to return to Florence not before he sent to Catherine de’ Medici her secret to the perfect sorbet.

All this made him famous sorbet, but the birth of ice cream for as we understand it today has another father and it comes to Buontalenti, so we can say that the ice cream was born in Florence in the wake of the recipe of the Florentine Buontalenti cream or ice cream.

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Bernardo Buontalenti

Bernardo Buontalenti was a famous sculptor, architect, painter, designer, manufacturer of weapons; student of Vasari and Salviati. How can we forget the Cave of Buontalenti Boboli. Among all these things not missed his passion for cooking and given its art designer and event planner was often summoned to court for banquets and performances for Italian and foreign guests. A perfect man for his era, the Renaissance.

Despite its many architectural works such as the Villa di Pratolino or the Villa of Poggio a Caiano, the fortifications of the Belvedere, Sansepolcro, Livorno one of the things that is remembered is his ice cream, so special to take her name, buontalenti famous Florentine cream or ice cream. A Florentine ice cream that does not includes this flavor of ice cream can not be considered a Florentine gelato, although he works in the territory of Florence.

His recipe for ice cream was born to one of these banquets organized by the Spanish ambassadors inventing a recipe for a sorbet made from milk (getting the real ice cream), with egg yolk, honey and wine. The method of preparation was innovative and allowed to freeze fat. The result was obtained by inventing a machine with a double cylinder, into the space between the two cylinders was put on ice and within the inner cylinder, the compounds that were creamed with the blades driven by a crank. The movement formed a homogeneous mixture that gradually cooled to obtain a compact appearance, just ice cream. Had invented the ice cream is that the first ice cream maker in 1559.

And now the recipe for Florentine Buontalenti or cream if you want to try.


250 mt of milk
4 egg yolks
A little wine
Juice of 1 lemon
Juice of 1 orange


Take a chilled bowl and put the egg yolks with the sugar and mix them well, up to whip the resulting mixture is smooth, frothy and light. Add the warm milk and continue to mix thoroughly.

Heat the mixture in a water bath for a few minutes, even combining a little honey and finally a little of wine. When it is cold, add a few drops of lemon juice and orange.

Mix long and gently. Then put the mixture in an ice cream maker and place in the freezer for about two hours.

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Jacopo Cioni
Ice cream in Florence.

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