[cml_media_alt id='361']prete-2[/cml_media_alt]The history of the devil’s wind

There is a precise point in Florence, where the wind always blows, it can be a breeze or gale but certainly not calm. A strange phenomenon since it is always in that particular spot; phenomenon but the Florentines, the most cunning, very familiar, it is the rifrullo devil.

You have to reach the Duomo Square and sliding your right side to arrive until the side door to front of street Studio, here you are at the point of devil’s wind. Look at this map to orient yourself.

If you do not believe me go ahead and proof stoping to the point, rest assured that sooner or later a gust comes.

The reason here in this point always blowing wind resides in the fact that at that point the devil was tricked.

Priest on the run from the devil The real story, or legend if you prefer not to believe, he said that the devil was to the Florentine streets in search of souls and walking spotted walking in a very greedy priest for his designs and deft began to follow him. The priest realized that he was hunted and a shudder ran through my spine when I identify in the tracker Satan himself. I quickened his pace trying to escape, walked off the pitch Corso street sent and then turned in via the Studio street starting to run.

The more he ran, the more the devil approached. He arrived at the end of street Studio to be in front of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, and included here that you have not a chance, could not escape the devil leveraging athleticism, had to try by deception. He stopped and waited for the Mephistopheles be to join him.

Out of breath , and a small voice spoke to Satan : ” You win , you got me , but have mercy before damn forever my soul , let me pray for the last time . ” In Devil agreed and the priest bowing in a thousand thanks go into the Cathedral by the side door called the canonical , right in front of Via dello Studio , the devil leaned against the cool marble on hold.

The poor little priest , cunning , crossed the aisle and from the opposite gate called Porta della Mandorla vanished dandosela legs . Meanwhile, the devil was bored waiting and began to puff , every minute more than ever stronger puffing waiting until they realized the deception snort became a gale .

Here since that day, it is light puff or strong wind, at that point of Florence the devil’s wind did not fail anymore.

[cml_media_alt id='32']Jacopo Cioni[/cml_media_alt]
Jacopo Cioni
The history of the devil’s wind.

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