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Ara è sud

Sicilia? Telescoping us with a fiorentinaccio blogs? There you allocate as this piece of Sicily is located on Via della Vigna Vecchia, that is in the heart of Florence. It is a Sicilian restaurant, one of the few if not the only one in Florence. The review is positive, good products and well finished, large portions enough to recommend a choice mezzanine with a bystander to sample more dishes. I tried the local lunch and must say that applies the same price of the dinner, so it is not a restaurant where you can have a quick and cheap meal. We tasted a mixed starter divided into two which included a kumquat cheese and ham, a caponata, a millefeuille of aubergine and cheese and ricotta baked balls. Very good.

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Pasta with sardines

2 first, ravioli with ricotta and pork sauce and spaghetti with sardines, both good. Followed by a second joint to be divided into two it consists of a bistecchina fried veal, Sicilian cheese, anchovies in oil, olives and tomatoes on onion. Honestly this dish I was blown away by the composition of the flavors that independent of each other were excellent and even combining alice tomato and cheese, but little incastravano with fried calf. No dessert since we reached saturation. All washed down with water and three glasses of a great white raisins and two coffees. The total expenditure was € 75, which makes sense for a dinner but not for lunch though I explained that it is not the suitable place for a frugal lunch. The environment is well maintained and well prepared dinner table, the staff friendly and ready without ever being intrusive. So if you want to try a Florentine Sicily without leaving the confines of the city this is the place.

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Jacopo Cioni
A piece of Sicily in Florence

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